Charlotte Guthery is a senior at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Imaging and Photographic Technology. She is also pursuing a minor in Mathematic and Imaging Science. In addition she is taking courses to increase her knowledge in Physics, Astronomy, and Shakespearean Literature. Her coming capstone project is one which she hopes will be combining all of her interests and skills (read more in Research). She hopes to continue her studies after getting her undergraduate degree by attending graduate school for Optical Engineering. She is graduating in May 2017.

In her free time, Charlotte enjoys increasing her experiance in design. She is currently the elected Marketing Director of RIT's Electronic Gaming Society. Her duties include social media prescence, communicating with sponsors, and both designing and printing posters for all events. Her interest in video games did not start until college, but through the RIT community she has become comfortable, not only with them, but the huge community surronding it. Her current project includes design and theme of a Local Area Network Party (a 200-person, 30-hour videogame event) and re-designing the current EGS website.
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